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Remote Monitored RO Systems

Our aim is to increase the operational efficiency of the RO Plants and reduce operational/service costs. Real time status parameters of all RO Plants anywhere in India can be done from a single location.

Why Remote Monitoring?

Problems with the Current Systems:

  • Plant operators are not well versed with the technical aspects of the RO plant and cannot interpret instrument values such as flow, pressure, conductivity and pH.
  • A site complaint is received only when the flow reduces drastically (or) the plant completely breaks down.
  • Site Operators do not backwash sand/carbon filters timely nor do they change cartridges when required.
  • Site Operators may throttle the reject control valve too much to get better permeate flow.
  • Site Operators may not ensure antiscalant dosing pumps operation
  • Log books are rarely maintained at site.
  • Service calls are always an emergency. The cost of providing the service has to borne by the supplier providing the service or any material consumed.


Other Specifications



CROWN is a software application, provides central supervisory ‘control and monitoring’ of water treatment equipment. CROWN communicates to LCU on the site for control operations.

Key Features:

  • Create / Edit Remote Site configurations (MPV's, Instruments, Digital I/O etc.) & Client details
  • Simultaneous data logging from various sites using GSM(SMS) technology
  • Instantly start Backwash/Regeneration Cycles of Remote Sites. Change service/backwash timings as per requirement.
  • Receives status messages based on three options
  • Status based on preset time.
  • On-Demand status
  • In case of alert conditions at site
  • Generates SMS alerts in case of critical problems at Site
  • Generates alerts to service technicians in case of device value is beyond safe operational range. (Ex: Pressure, Conductivity etc)
  • Provides history of plant operational status, commands issued for a selected site.
  • Option to export status information to excel sheets.
  • Provides Graphical summary for instrument readings
  • Operational summary notifications to concerned persons
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