Ultra-Pure Water Generation Systems

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Ultra-Pure Water Generation Systems

Ultrapure water is the water purified to highest purity levels as required by some critical applications required in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and power plant applications. Pure water is a bad conductor of electricity and we have the capability and experience of delivering 18 megaOhm resistivity which is highest practically possible resistivity.

Pharmaceutical Water

We design purified water generation systems for pharmaceutical applications as per prescribed standards of pharmacopeia, USP grades. Water is a very critical resource in pharma industry and could turn into a nightmare if it fails to perform as desired. With Marcuras you can sit back and relax and experience a world class system designed to eliminate all problematic issues. We take utmost care while executing such projects with proper selection of Pre-treatment, Filtration, micro and ultrafiltration, Nano-Filtration, Softening, Two pass RO system, Advanced EDI system, Ultraviolet sterilisers, Endo-Toxin filters etc.

Chemical sanitized and heat sanitized systems are supplied with careful selection of MOCs that involve SS-316L, electro-polished, orbital welded pipes and TC fittings, sanitary zero-lag valves etc. We have excellent project execution capabilities and knowledge to execute distributions systems at site to ensure sterile water supply at user points.

Semiconductor and other applications

For other application like semi-conductor or power plant industries, similar systems are designed with other features such as nitrogen blanketing for avoiding air contact with purified water and a continuous recirculation through a pre-regenerated nuclear grade Mixed Bed resin to maintain the resistivity of water.

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